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Information on our driveway and patio stain removal services
The removal of an oil stain (particularly on block-paving) becomes
increasingly difficult the longer it is left untreated. This is due to the
porous nature of the blocks absorbing the carbon particles of the oil
leaving it virtually impossible to completely remove the stain.

Over the past 8 years we have tried virtually every product on the
market so we know what works and what doesn't. Thanks to this
experience we can now proudly boast a 99% success rate in removing
oil stains using solvents or degeasers.

However we do have various additional means of removing or
disguising the most stubborn of oil stains. We will discuss these with you
should the situation arise.

After successfully removing any stains we strongly advise having the
driveway sealed to prevent any further reoccurrence

Generally the process of removing unsightly oil stains is inexpensive
and will enhance the appearance of your drive way immeasurably

Cement Stains

If you have recently had building work carried out and there is hard to
remove cement or concrete stains on your driveway or patio then give
us a call. We can remove these quickly and efficiently at a very
reasonable cost.

Oil Stain Removal
Other Stains

We also have an extremely high success rate of removing other types of
stains. Here are a few examples of what we have dealt with.

Greasy food stains from Patios and around BBQ areas.
Beer and Wine stains.
Ketchup and Mayonnaise etc.
Sand and Cement.
Car Polish.
Stains caused by berries from trees etc.
Water marks on walls caused by leaking pipes and gutters.
Chewing Gum
Bird droppings
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