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Since SavingPaving was formed in 2001 we have invested heavily
in professional equipment specifically designed to clean your
driveway and patio etc efficiently and safely while providing an
unbeatable deep clean of the area removing moss, weeds, lichens
and algae without damaging the surface, sub-base or pointing.

Our High Pressure Rotary Cleaning equipment can clean almost any
surface including block-paving, natural stone, crazy-paving,
concrete slabs, tarmac, pattern imprinted concrete and timber
decking to a standard far above what can be achieved with a
conventional jet washer while using far less water.

Due to its design the rotary cleaner can clean larger areas at a time
than a standard jet washer, eliminating what is known as striping
which is unattractive stripes left on the surface after cleaning, so
providing a beautiful even finish . It also cleans at ground level so
there is minimal disturbance to the surrounding area or passers by.
The rotary cleaner operates at 250bar/3600psi (over 3 times that of the
average jet washer)
and is specifically designed not to damage
pointing or remove excessive jointing sand.

The extremely high pressure of this equipment means that just cold
water is usually sufficient to clean most surfaces and chemicals are
not normally required except to remove oil or cement stains.

Once the surface is sparkling clean we can protect it using specially
formulated sealers or carry out any repairs you require.

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